Made in the UK 

Est. 2009

AutoCAD Blocks People

 Global People 

 United Arab Emirates 
 East Asia 
 What's Included 

Download them all now for just £9.99*


*autumn / fall sale 50% off - usual price £19.99 🎃


 Download includes:

More than 180 CAD Blocks & Silhouettes for AutoCAD 2000 or later

More than 180 Drawings & Silhouettes for Illustrator CS2 or later

All Drawings in PDF Format


 How it Works 

 AutoCAD 2000 or later 
 No more trimming lines 
 Wipeout layer masks the background 
 Precise insert on horizontal lines 
 Turn off 'Block Party' layer  = Instant Silhouettes 
 Bring your designs to life with
 CAD Block Party 
Also included
Fully editable vector drawings and silhouettes 
for Adobe Illustrator CS2 or later


Hello. I'm CAD Monkey. I've been hard at work drawing a bunch of AutoCAD blocks and vector illustrations of people for architects, designers and students to use in their projects.

It all started a while back when I couldn't find any decent CAD drawings of people, the ones I could find were either badly drawn, old school or just didn't look right, I certainly couldn't find people from global regions.

So I started drawing them for myself and couldn't really stop. Rather than keep the stuff to myself they are all available to download here at my website.  

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