For £19.99 you get:

180+ CAD Blocks & Silhouettes for AutoCAD 2000 or later 

180+ Vector Drawings & Silhouettes for Illustrator CS2 or later

PDF files


£19.99 - for a limited time only


More than 180 drawings & silhouettes of people for AutoCAD & Adobe Illustrator

Here is my collection of CAD people from global regions including the West, United Arab Emirates, India, East Asia and Africa. You can buy and download all of the drawings on this page for the low price of £19.99. Your download will include AutoCAD blocks, silhouettes and fully editable Vector files for Adobe Illustrator.  

The CAD people have been drawn with natural postures such as standing, walking, sitting, and special occasions such as Arab people praying. All my CAD people are designed to sit perfectly on a horizontal line. I've also added a special Wipeout Layer in AutoCAD that masks the background of your drawings, so no more trimming lines.


CAD Blocks People West

United Arab Emirates

CAD Blocks People Arab


CAD Blocks People India

East Asia

CAD Blocks People EastAsia


CAD Blocks People Africa